A good management team is the core to success for Ideo Concepts:

Terence Kwan

Terence Kwan graduated with a BSc in Computer Science from London’s Imperial College of Science and Technology in 1989.

He moved back to Asia to take up a position with Citibank, where he worked as Vice President Financial Messaging, in both Hong Kong and Singapore. In this capacity he was responsible for building and supporting Citibank’s critical financial messaging infrastructure in Asia. He left the Bank to found Ideo Concepts at the end of 1997.

Since then he has been the CEO and is also responsible for all technical aspects of the web development projects undertaken by the company.

Neil Hambleton

Neil Hambleton graduated from the University College London in 1985 with a BSc in Electronic Engineering and Computer Science.

He subsequently worked with Logica UK Ltd., a highly regarded software house, before moving to Hong Kong where he was employed as Assistant Vice President in Citibank’s financial messaging department. Here he was responsible for managing projects pertaining to the Bank’s financial messaging infrastructure in Asia.

Prior to joining Ideo Concepts he was responsible for all E-commerce development with Actionace, an on-line retailer.